Building a Relationship with ESRI

Edited by Renea Mackie, Thursday, 14 February 2013, 12:13 PM
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We're delighted to welcome ESRI and Eagle Technology to our family of mentors!  We will be working with Myles Sutherland from ESRI in California and Claire Thurlow and Matt Lyth in Auckland, to learn how to develop with the ESRI software.

We are making an app for the KiWikispeed Teams as our first showcase project!  As well as Skyping with Myles, we're also working alongside Stefan Sohnchen and Malkiat Singh (Tait, KiWikispeed) to design and create the project.


Pictured above: Maia, Blair, Mitchell and Adriaan Skype with Myles from ESRI to learn how to use ArcGIS.

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