IT HOTHOUSE Launch Party - Thanks Vodafone!

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On Thursdsay, 24th of January 2013, we had a Launch Party at NZi3 in Christchurch, NZ.  Vodafone kindly footed the bill and let us use their office space during the week to create our presentation. :D


Before the event kicked off, we met up with John Schilt from IBM in Sydney, and his NZ colleagues, Ray Stanion and Kerry Frith.  John has made some awesome tutorials for us to show us how to use Jazz Hub, a project management software tool from IBM.

We started the evening with drinks and nibbles, and a visit from Hon. Amy Adams, Minister for ICT and Communications.  A presentation from the IT HOTHOUSE team followed, then more drinks and nibbles.  It was a great evening!

Big thanks to Jamie Cairns, Carrie Lee and the team at Vodafone, and to our guests who came from far and wide to listen to our story and celebrate wtih us.


This journey has been amazing. We're now looking forward to pushing IT HOTHOUSE forward on a global scale.

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