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In UPT Digital, interacting with the IT community is just as important as learning technical skills.  Students like to feel part of the global IT community and we've found it helps to inspire and inform them when thinking about  their career and study paths.  It also blurs the line between school and community, helping students to feel more relevant and part of a bigger picture.

We met the guys from Orion Health by going to Canterbury Software Cluster events.  The Cluster is a fantastic way for students to interact with professionals and stay current with industry trends.

Michael Trengrove has been visiting the class regularly to learn about the model the kids have created.  Michael said he was interested in running a code club at Aranui High School.  We offered to help with our pod model but Orion was keen to stick to basic programming.  It was generally understood that no one was doing anything to get IT in schools.  Most people don't realize, the kids in UPT Digital have been developing and testing their model alongside industry professionals since 2009!  After hearing about UPT Digital and IT HOTHOUSE, Ian McRae and a team from Orion Health's head office, came to visit the class to learn about our model and see what we were up to, so we could show them we were actually doing something and the students had been working for almost 3 years, alongside industry mentors, to create this amazing model.

On Friday, 31st of August we visited Orion Health to watch their morning stand-up meeting.  The students then got to spend one-on-one time with team members to find out what they did each day.  It was awesome!  Thanks to Michael Trengrove and the team at Orion for having us.  Turns out we've been using Scrum for longer than Orion has! smile

Orion Health UPT Digital 1

Adriaan, Henry, Maia, Ashok and Mitchell, with Michael Trengrove (tester) at Orion Health in Christchurch.

Orion Health UPT Digital 2

Students really enjoyed getting this one-on-one time with developers and were free to ask lots of questions.

Orion Health UPT Digital 3

It was interesting to hear about the skills need for each job and the pathway each developer, tester, or business analyst had taken to get to where they are today.

Orion Health UPT Digital 4

We've just recently installed JIRA on a server PC and got a few tips about how to keep your JIRA tickets and sticky notes in sync.

Orion Health UPT Digital 5

It was great for the students to see how the tools are put into practice when people are working on big, complex projects.

Orion Health UPT Digital 6

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