UPT Digital Enterprise



If your business would like feedback on the products you are developing, contact us!  UPT Digital is a team of tech savvy students aged between 12 - 18 years.  We're happy to discuss the possibility of feeding back on or testing your products, especially games and software.  We exchange this service for your time, experience, or resources.

Email Renea Mackie to find out more!



Games and Apps

These projects are games and apps we're developing to sell.  This gives students the opportunity to earn some money, and UPT Digital an opportunity to raise money for equipment.  At present, our projects include "Symbatonkey", a visual language creator for WP7, programmed by Jay Harris (Year 11), and "Pop PiNZ", a geography game for WP7, programmed by Dean Gardiner (Year 12).

Community + Industry Events

UPT Digital endeavors to maintain a presence in the wider community, to enhance communication skills and develop mutually beneficial relationships.  We attend industry events (where possible), and love to get the opportunity to interact with other schools, both in person and online.

Previous events include:  NZiDev, Google Sketch Up Workshop, Microsoft Roadshows.

UPT Digital at NZiDev 2010

UPT Digital at NZiDev from Renea Mackie on Vimeo.

This footage was from the second, smaller ad lib presentation the boys did on the second day of NZiDev.



Holiday Program

UPT Digital students have been developing games for our holiday program.  The holiday program will be hosted by our students.  It is designed to introduce other students to interesting world of games development and to highlight varying paths one can follow in a development team.

The launch of this program has been delayed due to the earthquake.

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