UPT Digital Mentors Circle

Welcome to our Mentors Circle! These forward-thinking, community-minded people will be guiding us and helping us shape the future of education in this area.

Meet Our Mentors


BALDWINS | Intellectual Property Lawyers [NZ]


Sue Ironside, Sophie Hicks and Rachel McDonald have been awesome supporters of UPT Digital since its inception!


MANFRED FRIEDRICH | Co-Founder, AdScale Labs [NZ]


Manfred is a UPT Digital Team Coach and, along with Clare, has introduced us to the Agile project management system.

Clare McClennan

CLARE MCLENNAN | Test Consultant/Games Designer [NZ]

Clare's IT Adventures Blog

Clare is a UPT Digital Team Coach and, along with Manfred, has introduced us to the Agile project management system.

Clare comes in every week to help the teams.
Mark Finch

MARK FINCH | Senior Software Development Engineer, Microsoft Research [USA]


Mark is in the Graphics Group at Microsoft Research in Redmond and is one of our founding mentors.  He shares his knowledge about DirectX, XNA, .NET and games development in general, via email and Skype.

Indy Lui

INDY LIU | Director/Programmer, Thinking Cactus [CN]


Indy introduced us to the UNITY 3D Game Engine!  He is currently based in Beijing and gives us technical support via email.

Matt Velloso

MAT VELLOSO | Senior Software Development Engineer, Microsoft IT [USA]


Mat is our Windows Phone 7 guru and gives us advice about our projects via email and Skype.

Brett Roberts

BRETT ROBERTS | Director - New Technologies, Pitney Bowes [NZ]


Brett is the director of new technologies at Pitney Bowes in NZ and is our business mentor.

Scott Wylie

SCOTT WYLIE | Developer Outreach, Microsoft Learning [US]


Scott is leading the developer outreach program for Microsoft Learning based in Redmond.

Mark Blilinghurst



Prof. Billinghurst has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in human computer interface technology, particularly in the area of Augmented Reality (the overlay of three-dimensional images on the real world).

Adrian Clark



Adrian is a Post Doctoral Fellow working on the "Accessible AR for Everyday Devices" project, researching human computer interaction using computer vision techniques. He completed his PhD in Computer Science at the HIT Lab NZ in 2009, where he developed a robust natural feature registration framework called OPIRA Optical-flow Perspective Invariant Registration Augmentation.

Robert Lindeman

ROBERT LINDEMAN | Associate Professor of Computer Science, WPI [USA]


Rob is visiting the HIT Lab NZ for one year from 20 July 2011 to 20 July 2012 as a visiting Erskine Fellow from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

Rony Kubat

RONY KUBAT | Post Grad, The Media Lab, MIT [USA]


Rony is a post grad student from The Media Lab at MIT.

UPT Digital

PETER JONES | Senior Developer, Xero [NZ]


Peter is helping our programmers learn how to organize their projects in Visual Studio and develop a WPF.

UPT Digital

KEEGAN GIBSON | Programmer, Cerebral Fix, [NZ]


Keegan is a cool games developer at Cerebral Fix, just around the corner from UPT Digital. Keegan helps us

with programming and advice via email and in person.

Rune Wold

RUNE WOLD | Freelance Design Guru [NO]


Rune Wold is a master of digital design. UPT Digital students can email Rune for expert advice about the design aspects of their projects.


MIQUITO (Micke Ring) | Producer at It's Showtime! [SE]


Miquito is a quirky, crazy, totally awesome designer. UPT Digital students can email or Skype Miquito for expert advice about the design aspects of their projects.  He's even making Maia some animation tutorials!
Michael Denton - Design Sense

MICHAEL DENTON | Design Sense [NZ]


Design director at DESIGNsense an Industrial Design Consultancy based in Christchurch New Zealand. Many years of experience in product development and involvement with international technology companies developing products with displays, interface controls and technologies the like of GPS gaining an in-depth knowledge of digital platform integration into the real world. With a background of Industrial design I have been heavily involved in bringing usability to products, be it through the physical or virtual interfaces. Bringing commercial reality to a development while at the same time looking to push the envelope of new ideas. Currently involved with UPT Digital in creative game development and support through to commercial reality.
Mark Humpage - Fujitsu

MARK HUMPAGE | Senior Software Developer, Fujitsu [NZ]


is an Analyst/Software developer with 17 years industry experience, working in diverse industry sectors such as Education, Retail, Warehousing, Advertising etc. Mark has experience in all areas of software development from requirements gathering, project management, quality assurance and of course software coding. He has a high standard of communication and documentation and brings great knowledge of business processes and common project challenges.
UPT Digital

LARRY PODMORE | Managing Director, Pono Innovations [NZ]


Larry is the managing director at Pono Innovations and is one of our awesome business mentors.

UPT Digital

MYLES SUTHERLAND | Head of Innovation Incubator, ESRI [US]


Myles heads ESRI's Innovation Incubator in California and teaches us how to develop using ESRI technologies.

UPT Digital

DAVE LANE | Senior Software Developer, Catalyst IT [NZ]


Dave works at Catalyst's Christchurch office and is the President of the New Zealand Open Source Society.

UPT Digital

JAMIE CAIRNS | General Manager, Canterbury Region Innovation Service [NZ]


Jamie is the general manager for the newly created Canterbury Region Innovation Service in Christchurch.

UPT Digital

JOSH CAMPBELL | Software Designer, Catalyst IT [NZ]


Josh works at Catalyst's Christchurch office.

UPT Digital

BEN REID | Primary Consultant, Memia [NZ]


Ben Reid is the primary consultant at Memia Ltd and the chairman of the Canterbury Software Cluster..

UPT Digital

SAM RAGNARSSON | Associate Consultant, Memia [NZ]


Sam Ragnarsson is the primary consultant at Memia Ltd.

UPT Digital

BLAIR WILLEMS | Renaissance Man, Self-Employed [NZ]

website address

There's not much Blair can't do!  From programming to DJing, he's a Jack of all Trades!

UPT Digital

TIM TREWINNARD | Sector Leader - Technology, CDC [NZ]


Tim Trewinnard is the sector lead for technology at the Canterbury Development Corporation in Christchurch.

UPT Digital

HELEN SHORTHOUSE | Client Manager - Technology, CDC [NZ]


Helen Shorthouse is Client Manager for technology at the Canterbury Development Corporation in Christchurch.

UPT Digital

ANDREW PLIMMER | CEO, Motim Technologies [NZ, US]


Andrew Plimmer is the CEO of Motim Technologies in Christchurch.  He also spends a lot of time in the US doing super awesome projects for some big entertainment brands.

UPT Digital

JOHN SCHILT | IBM Academic Initiatives ANZ, IBM [ANZ]


John Schilt leads the Academic Initiatives at IBM Australia for the Australia and New Zealand regions.

UPT Digital

JOHN HOLT | Director, Kiwi Landing Pad [US]


John Holt is the director of the Kiwi Landing Pad, a facility for Kiwi start-ups in Silicon Valley.

UPT Digital

KEVIN ALCOCK | Developer, Three Monkey Software [NZ]


Kevin Alcock is developer at Three Monkey Software in Christchurch, NZ.

UPT Digital

MALKIAT SINGH | Kiwikispeed, Tait [NZ]


As well as working at Tait in Christchurch, Malkiat is also the project manager of Kiwikispeed.

UPT Digital

STEFAN SOHNCHEN | Designer, Kiwikispeed, Tait [NZ]


Stefan is a designer at Tait and part of the Kiwikispeed team.

Some More Awesome People That We Just Keep Bugging:

Nat Torkington

Paul Matthews, CE of the New Zealand Computer Society

Sarah Rutherford, Porter Novelli

Rebekah Wilson, WiFi For Humanity

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