UPT Digital Projects

Note: Some 2012 Project pages are yet to be added. We've finally got a space (after 12 months of our school being in the Red Zone in the city center!) at the College of Education in the Wairarapa Block.


Enterprise Projects


MICROSOFT TechEd 2011 (2011) > Click Here





Cow's Coup by Tristan Samson (2011) > Click Here

Tristan is making a platformer game for Windows Phone 7.

FSX Visulator by Mitchell Denton (2011 - 2012) > Click Here

Mitchell has made a Flight SIM Application to give you readings about your plane to assist in your flight.

Jay's Game Made From His Game Engine (2011) > Click Here


Thank You website for our Tech Hui sponsors and supporters (2011) > Click Here

By Mitchell Denton and Tristan Samson

Visit this project to see how the boys earn NCEA credits in UPT Digital.


Tech Hui 2011 Presentation (2011) > Click Here

Each student earned 4 Level 3 English credits for presenting at Tech Hui in Wellington.




Special Projects


Group Dev Project (2012) > Members Click Here

Youth Hub IT Strategy Development by Blair Reed and Mitchell Denton (2012) > Click Here

UPT Digital is developing the IT strategy for Christchurch's exciting new Youth Hub initiative.

Tourism App With HITLabNZ Mentoring (2012) > Click Here

UPT Digital is going to Kaikoura to geotag ancient sites, tourism spots and other points of interest.

The reCURSIVE Project (2012) > Click Here

UPT Digital's unusual NCEA Project!



Individual and Team Projects


When students first start out in UPT Digital, they create a team, or work on an indivdual project with freelaners and have a go at making a game, app or website.  Here are some of those projects:


The Russian Game by Henry Claridge and Adriaan Brits (2012) > Click Here

Henry and Adriaan are making this game using the Unity Game Engine. Henry is doing the programming and Adriaan is creating the 3D models.


The Adventures of Blob Guy  by Pyroclastic Studios (2012) > Click Here

This is Pyroclastic Studios very first XNA game.  The team is using Mono for Android and Mono Touch to port the game to Android and iOS mobile devices.


The Philosophy Game  by Jay Harris (2012) > Click Here

Jay is creating a philosophy game!  Defeat your enemies with a bloody good argument!


Squelch! by Steeling Wilson Productions (2012) > Click Here

Jack S and Jack W are creating a 2D XNA Platformer game called Squelch!


The Physics Project by Florian Maisonneuve (2012) > Click Here

Florian, our awesome physics Learning Advisor, helped us to devise a project that could cover all the basic knowledge you would need to know to sit your external physics exam using XNA!


Tomo's Tower Defense by Thomas Race (2012) > Click Here

Thomas Race is making a 2D Tower Defense game using XNA and C#.




Party Trick Apps by Blair Reed (2011 - 2012) > Click Here

partytrickapps.com is a representation of Blair's love affair with Word Press.  It's also a place to house phone apps students make.


A Mall Tycoon Game by Mindgamerz (2010) > Click Here

The Mindgamerz Team are working on a Mall Tycoon game using the Unity Game Engine, Visual Studio, and Maya.  Mitchell Denton rewrote all the script in C#.

Save The Whales Game by Guava Games (2010) > Click Here

The Guava Games Team created a Save The Whales came using the Unity Game Engine, Visual Studio, and Maya.  Tristan Samson created a mini game from this project and presented it at NZiDev.


Block World by Jay Harris (2010) > Click Here

Block World was Jay's first game.  He is now working on a Windows Phone 7 version.  Block World was made using Visual Studio/Xna.


Racing Game by Dysnomia (2010) > Click Here

The Dysnomia Team decided their first game was going to be a racing game.  They used the Unity 3D Game Engine and Maya to create the game.


New Age Assassin by Eat Me Games (2010) > Click Here

Francis Malloch-Boe (Year 10) was making this game with the help of some freelancer students.  They used the Unity 3D Game Engine and Maya.


Jay's AI Experiments (2010) > Click Here

Jay was using the Unity 3D Game Engine to experiment with AI.


Pop PiNZ! For Window Phone 7 (2010) > Click Here

This is a geography game for Windows Phone 7.  The concept is by Renea Mackie.  Dean Gardiner (Year 12) is the programmer and Maia Kaa (Year 9) is helping with graphics.


MUSIC Projects:


Ashok's Soundcloud (2012) > CLICK HERE

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