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Welcome to the DESIGNERTECH GAME PROJECT! > Download the game with the XNA Redistributable Framework installation HERE.

Download the game without the XNA Framework HERE.

If you are unsure, choose the first option.

This is a game the team made for Designertech as a client project for our Microsoft Tech-Ed 2011 presentation.

To see the game in action, watch our Microsoft Tech-Ed 2011 Presentation on the front page of this site:

Designertech Team:

Project Manager: Tristan Samson (Year 9)
Programming: Tristan Samson with help from Mitchell Denton (Year 10) and Jay Harris (Year 11)
Concept Designer: Designertech and UPT Digital
Graphics: Maia Kaa (Year 9)
Music: Matteo Harley-Mackie (Year 11)


Objective: To make a game that represents an aspect, or aspects of "Designertech" >


Initial concept art by Maia Kaa:


The Designertech Robot has to take a file or CD to a client waiting at the other end.  As he makes his way across the platform, he is acosted by virus bugs.  He must put the file or CD down temporarily, so he can get his gun out and shoot the virus bugs.


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