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Welcome to the CLARUS GAME PROJECT! 

This is a game the team made for Clarus IT as a client project for our Microsoft Tech-Ed 2011 presentation.

DOWNLOAD COMING SOON!  To see the game in action, watch our Microsoft Tech-Ed 2011 Presentation on the front page of this site:

Clarus Team:

Project Manager: Tristan Samson (Year 9)
Programming: Jay Harris (Year 11)
Concept Designer: Jay Harris, Mitchell Denton (Year 10), Tristan Samson
Graphics: Maia Kaa (Year 9)

Concept: Road To Clarus

It is a 2 player game using Xbox controllers, to highlight the collaborative teamwork that Clarus emphasizes. If you have played traffic jam or traffic rush it is similar to that but it is 2 players.

One player gets to control green cars, one player gets to control yellow cars. The blue Clarus car is controlled by both players.

The objective of the game is to get to the Clarus building.

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