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This is a game the team made for Baldwins as a client project for our Microsoft Tech-Ed 2011 presentation.

To see the game in action, watch our Microsoft Tech-Ed 2011 Presentation on the front page of this site:

Baldwins Team:
Project Manager: Mitchell Denton (Year 10)
Programming: Lead: Mitchell Denton, with help from Jay Harris (Year 11) and Tristan Samson (Year 9)
Concept Designer: UPT Digital
Graphics: Maia Kaa (Year 9)
Music: Matteo Harley-Mackie (Year 11) - music to be added soon



Working Title: Baldwins Bear

This is a rough mock up to give you an idea of the concept we came up with. The game will be made in Visual Studio 2010.

UPT Digital Boys are popping bright ideas out left, right and center. Baldwins Bear must catch the thought bubbles so he can protect the ideas before the IP Bandit steals them.

Baldwins Bear (the player) gets 1 point for every idea saved.

The IP Bandit pops out when thought bubbles hit the sides of the screen.

If the IP Bandit steals an idea, the boy that generated the thought, shrinks. When three ideas have been captured from one boy, that boy disapears and there are only two thinkers left in the game. The ideas pop out faster as the game progresses.

Each bubble will contain a randomly picked idea drawn from a list of ideas.

You can use the SPACE BAR to start Baldwins Bear's jet pack so he can fly, and the arrow keys to move him around.

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