UPT Digital Performance Tracking

You can now keep tabs on your son/daughter to see how they're progressing and to see why decisions are made to have priority lists for our trips away.  Unlike other classes, our trips away are more like business trips, to promote our learning model and to make more connections with business and industry.

This will also help students to manage their own time and learning.

Blue shaded areas mean we are waiting on comments from Learning Advisors.  Because I'm not teaching staff and am the Project Developer/Facilitator of UPT Digital, Learning Advisors are responsible for the overall wellbeing and looking after any other educational needs each student may have.  Your son/daughter has a 30 minute one on one with their HB Learning Advisor every week so Learning Advisors can send me information during the week to add or subtract points and an average will be calculated based on overall performance.  Each score is on a day by day basis.

"General Work Effort" relates to work outside of UPT Digital, such as English, Math, Science, STAR courses, etc.  Writing formal emails, presentations and proposals also count as English points.  Numeracy activities, such as doing costings, working out algorithms, etc, count as Math points.

To clarify, the UPT Digital Portfolio is specific to UPT Digital projects and should be something you would like industry people to see.  It's a good idea to represent your whole personality but focus mainly on your IT related projects.  Mitchell Denton's portfolio is a great example.  The Mahara Portfolio is a record of all your learning at school.   As part of her workload as an LA coming on our US trip, Mel has taken on the role of working with each student to ensure their Mahara Portfolios are up-to-date.

Sally is taking on Nutrition (informing/educating) and a some fitness.

Maia's dad, Pekama, an ex-Les Mills Fitness Trainer, will be running UPT Digital Fitness on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, starting Thursday 7th June.


This is an Embedded Excel Workbook.  Scroll to see the entire page or click the bottom right-hand corner icon to view the Workbook in a separate window:


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